Staking G999

Welcome to the G999 staking program, the only encrypted rewarded communication blockchain. Access crypto's simplest staking program. Just deploy straight from the wallet, click to start staking automatically — and start earning up to 2.5% annual rewards in an instant.




Staking Rewards

G999 will reward you for helping us keep the network safe. If you stake in our network to the G999 Wallet, you will be rewarded a 2.5% / year, every time a block is validated, you get rewarded for your staked coins. The more coins you will stake, the higher the reward. The 2.5% / year is calculated according to the staked number of coins.

There is no maximum amount of coins you have to stake, but a minimum of 249.999 G999 must be available on your wallet for staking. Unlike the masternodes collateral in the staking, you can unlock your coins at any time.

How to earn passive income by staking

Staking is the process of holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network. Users are rewarded for simply depositing and holding funds.

With G999, you always stay in full control over your own funds. With a dedicated G999 multiple platform blockchain wallet, your funds are stored in your own wallet, making this impossible for the others to decide when to unlock your coins.

You are the only one to have access to your funds and the only one to verify every given transaction. You can stake up to an unlimited number of G999 coins, higher amounts are always getting higher rewards.

All of these rewards are paid immediately in your user wallet and they can be exclusively changed into a gold coin which after can be traded for real gold in our gold partner shops.

Staking vs Masternodes

Masternodes and Staking, while usually implemented together, are actually completely separate consensus mechanisms. They both accomplish distributed consensus via locking of “stake” which acts like collateral that they will not attack the network and get rewarded for verifying transactions.


Minimum deposit: 249.999 G999

Maximum deposit: unlimited

Minimum deposit time: NO

Withdrawal anytime: YES

Reward: 2.5%/year

Redeem rewards in gold: YES

Setup environment: Wallet Install


Minimum deposit: 749.999 G999

Maximum deposit: 749.999 G999

Minimum deposit time: 12 Months

Withdrawal anytime: NO

Reward: 7.5%/year

Redeem rewards in gold: YES

Setup environment: Server Config + Wallet Install